How to get a Free Led Grow Light
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How To Get a Free LED Grow Light?

Want to become a product tester? Dreaming about a high-quality LED grow light for free? 

As a company that specializes in LED grow lights, we want to offer free LED grow lights with FREE SHIPPING to passionate growers. Claim yours now before it's too late by joining our program. Become a tester today! 

About the products

We are looking for different types of growers to test our new innovative and intelligent grow lights.

The product comes with full smart spectrum Samsung diodes that are adjustable between the 4 lighting modes adapting to all types of plants. Our grow lights offer huge energy savings, and have flexible Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) for plants.

These new surface-mounted diodes provide the highest Par/Lumen output. There is no fan noise which makes it perfect for silent operation indoors, and the aluminum board it is constructed with makes it sturdy and durable.

What is Included on each Package?

Each package comes with everything needed to start a growing room, including lamp fixtures, manual, and accessories.

It also comes with a smart input voltage setting between 110V and 277V, making it compatible with different kinds of power cables and plugs from different regions.

A unique and innovative product that will satisfy any type of grower.


Who are we?

Growealth was founded by a team of professional growers with over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. We are a California-based company that has embarked on a journey of offering energy savings and efficiency through their plant grow lights.

Our mission is to create solutions that can help growers achieve their highest potential efficiently and financially. With a firm commitment to technology, Growealth strives to bring affordable and quality products into the lives of growers.

The company offers a range of light products and indoor growing tools that are designed for different profiles.

Check our products here.

As the trend of new growers and home grow enthusiasts rises, the demand for better quality lights and more efficient usage expands. Growealth has recently revealed a new range of LED grow lights that are targeted at home growers.

With technological innovation comes opportunity, and Growealth is dedicated to offering brand-new high-quality products and equipment to make it possible for growers at home to reach higher yields more efficiently.

Our goal is not just about saving money but also giving customers what they need in order to maintain healthy growth with their indoor plants.

Do I need to pay? 

No. The whole program is completely FREE. The selected testers will receive free full spectrum LED grow light with FREE SHIPPING. Join our exclusive program today!

What are we expecting from you?

  • You are passionate about indoor cultivation and LED grow light. 
  • You are interested in becoming our product tester.
  • You are a creator. We are looking for experienced growers with a certain amount of followers to showcase our products. 
  • Write your personal experience. Share your honest review and personal experience with your audience on your social media platform. 


How to join?

Sign up today by sending a message to our Instagram:

Or contact us at

Being our product tester can be extremely rewarding. Not only do you get free products and sometimes earn rewards, but it’s satisfying to know that you helped save thousands or millions of people money they’d have spent buying products and not benefiting from them.

Get your hands on the newest version of the product before it becomes available in stores across America. Claim Yours Now Before It's Too Late!!! 

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