Technology That
Powers Creativity

In the same way that chefs have their own way of flavoring and preparing a meal, each individual grower has his own preferences when it comes to growing crops.

That’s why we developed an all-in-one light fixture that allows you to choose your own preference when it comes to your best lighting for each stage of growth.

Fully Versatile

Growealth grow-lights can be fully customized to your crops’ needs.

The Full Spectrum Lighting mode is dimmable and comes with UV & IR capabilities that are completely optional for you to use.

Easily choose between 4 lighting modes with the switch of a button so you won’t be restricted by your lighting anymore.

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Your taste buds will thank you!

We spent 20 years on Efficiency

This new, high-tech driver was developed over 20 years by professional growers whose number one concern is efficiency.

The result is a stable, high-level powered source for your plants that consumes less electricity so you can save big!