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DIY LED Grow Lights for interiors: Materials, recommendations and models

We all know that to take care of our indoor crops we must recreate an ideal environment and pay attention to those details that make the difference, such as lighting. There are a variety of lamps as far as indoor crops are concerned. However, LED technology is considered to be one of the best options currently. And if you want to build it yourself, DIY LED Grow lights are the simplest and most viable option.

Although LED lighting has become popular thanks to its efficiency, not all growers can have access to it, that is why we have decided to explain in detail everything related to the construction of these panels so that you can build them yourself and thus have other alternatives for the care of your plants.

Before starting, it is important to remember that it is necessary to buy good quality materials and have certain knowledge and skills for the construction of this type of equipment, since the materials are a bit expensive, it takes time and dedication so that the project can work in the right way.

As we all know, light is one of the most important sources that plants need for their development through the process of photosynthesis, growth and flowering in general. Therefore, we recommend that if you do not have the necessary implements, tools and knowledge, the best option will be to refrain from building this type of light and opt for the purchase of one that is of course, of good quality and that offers good results even in the long term.

Proyectos Diy LED Grow Lights

Considering that the procedures for the construction of LED grow lights are quite technical, and it could be a bit complicated to explain it in a general way, we have selected some types of DIY LED Grow Lights, which have tutorials in charge of describing the step by step, and that we can easily find on the internet.

Wide spectrum LED light: 12 watts

This is a project that promises to build a 12-volt wide-spectrum LED light with a fairly affordable investment compared to the LED light market. The main materials that will be needed for its construction are:

  • A sheet of metal,
  • LED driver,
  • cable by CA,
  • thermal connector,
  • DC adapter,
  • high power cables,
  • nuts and bolts.

All of them can be obtained at the hardware store of your choice.


White LED grow light

This type of project is ideal for those growers who want to integrate their lamps into the decoration of their spaces. Among the materials are a plant box (preferably wood), an AC cable, metal sheet, white LED and a controller, the heat trigger and if you want you can incorporate a switch to the construction to make your use much more professional.

The result that can be achieved with this construction easily adapts to a room of a home or a room giving a different touch to the design and in turn enhancing the development of its cultivation.

LED lamp with only 108W

If what you have in mind is to build a lamp of low consumption and that allows you to save expenses, this type of DIY LED grow lights project is the ideal for you, because with this lamp you can save up to 80% of energy.

By emitting less heat you can easily control it and decrease the likelihood of possible temperature damage. Using good quality materials can have a useful life of approximately 5 years.

For its manufacture it will need only 8 materials:

  1. thermal glue,
  2. a metal panel,
  3. cooling fans,
  4. nuts and bolts,
  5. cables AWG, 
  6. an AC power cord,
  7. cables AWG 
  8. and LED drivers.

Eco-smart LED grow light

The difference between these grow light panels is that you will have at home a panel capable of dimming and increasing the light automatically. To carry out this project you will need to buy eco-smart lights, these differ in the tone of light, which is a little more yellow than the rest.

The technology of these lamps change the tonality of the light in an automated way, and in terms of investment it is presented as one of the most accessible options.

Tips for building a Grow Lights LED panel

DiY LED grow lights construction can become a quite pleasant experience, it brings not only the satisfaction of making your own construction, but also allows you to customize the type of panels you want to use in your cultivation. So that all this goes as planned and successfully, in this section we will mention some tips that can not be missing when building the panels. For example:

  • Have prior knowledge in electricity (although there are guidelines that can help you with this, which are very explicit. But if you have prior knowledge, the results and the procedure become much more effective.)
  • Buying good quality materials is one of the essential aspects, since investing in good quality materials will also be investing in the useful life that your grow light panel will have.
  • Organize the materials and identify them before starting to build.
  • Take care of the welding and connection of the cables (must be correct).
  • Watch many tutorial videos that visually explain how it is done correctly.
  • Choose a panel size appropriate to the number of lights you are going to grow (small, medium, large grow area).


In case you do not want to build them, you can buy them

We know that for some growers, DIY LED grow lights projects may seem somewhat complicated, or they simply do not get along very well with everything related to construction, or surely there will be other cases where the main obstacle is the time and dedication they must invest, which is complicated when combining with their other daily tasks.

For all of them the best solution, without a doubt, is to acquire the LED light panels for cultivation that are available in the market. In this sense, it is recommended to invest in good quality lamps, so that they can bring benefits to their cultivation for as long as possible.

When we are looking for quality, the variety of lamps available in Growealth is one of the best options, that is why we make a selection of the three best-selling LED lights for cultivation, so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your crop.

Growealth G1500 LED Grow Light

This is a high efficiency lamp with full spectrum, it has 4 lighting modes that offer your crop an adaptable care according to its needs. Its design is composed of high technology that allows you to adjust the lighting between full spectrum, UV, IR, or if you want, you can also configure it to emit a combined light, making use of each of them.

Growealth G3000 LED Grow Light

Growealth G3000 lights are an excellent option to accompany the development of your crop in all its stages of growth and flowering. They are manufactured with high-tech LED Samsung LM301B, and a personalized controller designed exclusively by Growealth, which helps both the safety of your crops, and when saving energy, since it allows up to 40% savings.

Growealth G4800 LED Grow Light

One of the best-selling lamps among Growealth products, its G4800 adjustable dimmer will offer you the possibility to customize with greater flexibility the type of lighting and intensity you want your crop to receive. It also has an intelligent input voltage (110 V-277 V) which will be compatible with most power cables and electrical outlets and its fanless design means you do not have to worry about noise or wasted energy.

These are just some of the options of LED lamps for cultivation available in Growealth, if you want to expand the information and see other options you can visit our website, where you will find detailed technical information as well as the variety of costs.


DIY LED Grow Lights, most relevant points

Finally, it is necessary to make a small count of the most important points related to DIY LED grow lights projects, so that this task can be an enjoyable opportunity and that you can enjoy it, getting the most out of it for your crops.

Remember that this option is valid for growers who have a limited budget and want to start growing at home on a small scale, so it is advisable to have prior knowledge regarding the construction of equipment and cultivation in general.

For the project to be a success and your investment is not lost, it is very necessary to have all the materials and tools, as well as to take care that they are of good quality and durable, so that the panel can work correctly and be really efficient for the plants.

Taking care of all these details is essential considering that light turns out to be a determining factor for the growth of plants, knowing about its management and impact on the development of the plant, will help us to know how to best handle our LED lamps, the appropriate distance in which they should be and the hours of light that are necessary for our cultivation.

As we explained above, if you are a grower who does not have all the tools, materials and prior knowledge, there are a variety of LED grow lights on the market that offer very good efficiency and performance, in this sense your best option would be to acquire a lamp that is available in the market, and Growealth has a wide range so you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your crop.

Investing in a good LED light will be an expense that in the medium term will yield fruits that will help to recover the investment in the future, since when a crop is made to market, the return on investment will be of positive balance.

LED grow lights are easy to install, are very profitable (save light, provide the necessary light colors for plants, do not burn them, etc.) and is currently the most recommended option for indoor crops on a small, medium and large scale, incorporating them into your growing routine will undoubtedly be an opportunity for profit rather than a loss of investment.

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