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How to make a drying room for Cannabis?: here the answer

Drying is the next great process that we must perform at the end of our harvest, therefore, it is important to know how to make a drying room for Cannabis that results in a quality herb.

Well, although it seems like an easy task, there are certain key considerations that we must take into account. Below you can learn how to make a drying room for Cannabis and how you have to configure the space; the materials you will need and the conditions that will determine an excellent final product.


How to make a drying room for Cannabis and how should the space be configured?

If the time to harvest is approaching and you still do not have your drying room, here we will show you how to make a drying room for Cannabis and how you should configure it.

Before going step by step, it is important that you know some previous considerations for the configuration of the drying room. Well, the idea is that you get all the necessary materials, before you get fully involved in the creation of your dryer.

Currently, in the market, we can get complete kits for the design of the drying room for Cannabis, but if your budget is somewhat limited or you are one of those who prefer to assemble their spaces to their liking, you can choose to buy the equipment and utensils separately.

The advantage of acquiring the materials individually is that you can play with your budget and also with the quality of the equipment you are going to buy, because, once you create your marijuana drying room, you can use it to treat many more crops.

To make a drying room for Cannabis you need, compulsorily:

  • Hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol or vinegar.
  • Bucket and sponge.
  • Ventilators.
  • Dehumidifier.
  • Air purifier.
  • Carbon filter.
  • Hygrometer and digital thermometer.
  • Ropes, rods or bar coat rack.
  • Heater (if it is a cold environment) or air conditioning (if it is a hot environment).


Although with these materials you can quietly assemble the drying room; many buy tents to further monitor space conditions. Although it is a good option, it is already on your side if you want or can acquire it.

Build the Cannabis drying room step by step

Let's now see, in detail, how to build the drying room for Cannabis:

  • Choose a place
  • To start with the configuration of the drying room, you must choose a space preferably small and that you do not need to do something else.

  •  Isolates from external conditions
  • The marijuana drying room should be a space completely isolated from weather conditions and natural light. It must be a completely controlled environment, which meets the requirements to successfully dry out grass. Therefore, you must close the windows of the place or any access to the outside, leaving only the door.

  • Clean it thoroughly
  • In the bucket, pour the cleaner you purchased (hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol or vinegar) and with the sponge proceed to disinfect the entire space and materials. This will make sure to remove any contaminants (mold, mildew and bacteria) that may affect the grass you are going to dry.


    When finished, remove from the drying room, all utensils and cleaning products.

  • Install the equipment
  • When you have everything clean, you can start installing all the equipment and tidying up your utensils. There is no specific way on how to do it, therefore, you can place them at your convenience.

    The only dimensions in this step are:

    • Do not place the fans pointing directly at the ropes, rods or coat rack on which you will cherry the cannabis stems.
    • The outlet of the filter ducts should be on the outside of the marijuana drying room.

    Although this design of the drying room for Cannabis responds to a single drying method, it is a simple and fast way to build this space so important when harvesting your crop. In fact, the drying of cannabis is considered the other fifty percent (50%) of what it means to produce a quality herb.

    Therefore, when you set up your marijuana drying room do not skimp on expenses, since it can have a considerable impact on your final product.

    Conditions of the drying room

    Both the equipment and the conditions of the drying room are extremely important to dry and cure cannabis correctly. Therefore, you must take care of your:

    • Cleaning

    An adequate cleaning of the dryer leads to achieving quality marijuana. Well, with it, mold, fungi, bacteria and any other type of contaminant are eliminated.

    The cleaning of the space, equipment, utensils and other elements that you use, you must do it before and after having completed the drying process, without exception. Since you can run the risk of contaminating both the marijuana you are drying at the moment, and future crops.

    A bad cleaning of the space can lead to turning your marijuana drying room into a breeding ground for contaminants that will considerably damage the process and the product. That is why you must always keep this condition in mind and perform a deep cleaning of the space.

    • Temperature

    The temperature of your dryer is another very important condition when it comes to drying the grass correctly. Since, if the temperature is very low, the drying process will be much slower; this environment, in particular, favors the creation of mold and mildew in marijuana.

    On the other hand, a high temperature will speed up the drying process too much, causing more terpenes and cannabinoids to be lost.

    Both scenarios should be avoided at all costs, because what every producer wants is that his final product is of high quality. Therefore, it is advisable that the marijuana drying room maintain a maximum temperature of seventy degrees Fahrenheit (70º F) for the first three (3) days. Then, you must lower the temperature so that the marijuana does not dry out too much.

    Remember that a proper drying cycle should last approximately fifteen (15) days if the buds are small, because if they are large it should last a little longer.


    Another important consideration that can affect the temperature of your marijuana drying room, and that you should take care of, is the temperature variations outside due to the seasons. Therefore, you should use a heater during the winter season and air conditioning in the summer season, so you will avoid the drying process is affected.

    We advise you to use a digital thermometer so that you carefully monitor the temperature of your dryer and can take the necessary measures for any variation.

    • Humidity

    Humidity, like temperature, is a decisive factor in generating good grass. Therefore, controlling its levels is another condition that you should not forget during the drying process.

    To regulate humidity levels, it is necessary to use a dehumidifier, so that during the first four (4) days fifty percent (50%) of the humidity from the marijuana room is removed. Subsequently, the percentage must be increased until reaching seventy percent (70%) in the last days of the drying cycle.

    To take care of the humidity levels we recommend that you use a hygrometer, to monitor this determining factor.

    • Lighting

    The marijuana drying room should be a dark space. So it should be avoided at all costs that the grass has any contact with sunlight or another source of light.

    This is because, once the plants are harvested, the light energy ceases to provide the benefits it produced during cultivation, becoming detrimental to its good conservation. In addition, as we well know, light, whether natural or artificial, transmits heat, which alters the consistency of the resin, degrades THC and CBD, and accelerates the drying process more than it should.

    Therefore, you should keep the dryer in complete darkness and only use a very dim light during the surveillance rounds of the process.

    • Air circulation

    This condition contributes to a more uniform drying, because, with the help of fans you can keep the air in the dryer moving, greatly favoring the process and the final product. To ensure the benefits of this condition, just do not place the fans pointing towards the clotheslines, as you could mistreat the grass.

    On the other hand, using carbon filters and air purifier will help you reduce the strong odors of your drying room, in addition to also reinforcing the control of humidity.

    • Friction when moving buds

    The friction that can be generated when moving the buds can alter the conservation of resin, terpenes and cannabinoids.

    Therefore, when you are going to handle them, you must do it very carefully, to avoid as much as possible that the loss of these elements rises, which can determine the good quality of marijuana.


    Well-made drying = quality grass

    After all this tour, we can conclude that a well-made drying is equal to a quality herb. Therefore, it does not matter that you do not follow a specific pattern to make a dryer, but that you meet the necessary conditions to achieve a high quality product with the best smell, taste and effect.

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