A complete guide of growing marijuana indoors

Marijuana is also known as weed. It is consumed in many ways such as smoking, CBD oil, or mixed in a brownie. There are various weed plants and hybrids available for medicinal and other purposes. Recently you can also be growing marijuana indoors at home. You will require to have adequate knowledge about how to grow weed efficiently. Keep these points in mind if you are considering growing weed.

  • The approximate amount for growing weed.
  • What are the best marijuana seeds available in your state/country?
  • Climatic and weather conditions.
  • How much weed is allowed to grow in the state/country?
  • After the process of growing weed such as filtering and removing impurities, packaging, selling, etc.
  • Appropriate lighting for your plants.
Complete guide of growing marijuana indoors

If you keep these above-mentioned points in mind then it will help for growing marijuana indoors. There will be a little confusion for the first time about how to take proper care of them. If you are growing weed indoors for the first time, it is natural that you may make some mistakes and have a high electricity bill. It is not that hard to grow weed indoors if you have dedication and passion.

However, it requires less effort and hassle for growing marijuana outside. It is because the plants get appropriate sunlight and air when they are kept outdoors. Also, plants can attract insects and pests that can largely damage their quality. Cannabis plants require adequate water in just the right amount. They also get the right ventilation and soil is highly nutrient for the plants. It makes them grow larger as compared to indoor marijuana cultivation.

Benefits of growing marijuana indoors

There are various benefits of growing marijuana indoors. It allows you to have the proper control of your plant's growth and give them the necessary care. You can adjust your timings as per your choices and timings. You will not depend upon the sun for lighting, nutrients, and other major things. You can easily manage how big you want your plants to grow. Growing cannabis is expensive and planting it indoors helps to minimize the threat of getting stolen.

Planting cannabis requires dedication and utmost care both indoors and outdoors. Before finalizing in which way you want to grow- indoors or outdoors. Every method requires some efficient care that you need to be aware of. You get free light and proper ventilation outdoors, but you get protection from thieves while growing marijuana indoors.

Person smoking cannabis indoors

Although growing cannabis outdoors can be easier than growing indoors, both processes have their benefits. The plants grow bigger as compared to the indoor ones. The outdoor process can be beneficial but also carry various risks. The outdoor growing process also doesn’t put any stress upon your electricity bill which you need for the indoor cultivation. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of growing weed indoors that you need to know:

Advantages of growing marijuana indoors

  • It requires less time for the plants to grow.
  • You can control the ventilation, quality, lighting, temperature, etc. with indoor cultivation.
  • It becomes easier to grow various crops in one year.

Disadvantages of growing marijuana indoors

  • It is more expensive than the outdoor cultivation of cannabis.
  • Also increases your electricity bill for providing adequate lighting to the plants.
  • It requires some special techniques and knowledge to handle the plants efficiently.
  • The plants require constant observation to improve the yield.

Is it legal to grow weed at home?

In the past few years, various investments and researches have been done for the usage of marijuana. In the United States, cannabis is illegal according to the law. However, many states have come forward and legalized the growing and consumption of cannabis for medical purposes. Around 35 out of 50 states have already allowed the use of cannabis for recreational uses. The states like Washington, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, New York, Arizona, New Jersey, and many more.

For example, if you are living in the US, and want to grow marijuana indoors, first you need to be at the legal age. The legal age for growing and consuming marijuana is 21 years old. The legal age remains the same in every state. Along with that, there are restrictions on growing weed plants. It means that if you are an adult, you are allowed to grow maximum 24 plants, depends on what state you live in.

According to the law, only three out of the six plants are allowed for flowering at a single time. This rule is applicable for all the states which have legalised growing marijuana indoors. Marijuana also has medicinal value and can be used for releasing stress and depression. Due to this, states of the US have allowed the consumption and growing marijuana for recreational and medical purposes.

Growing marijuana at home is a crucial task. If you don’t obey the law and grow weed illegally, you might end up in jail. Other than that, procuring weed and selling weed illegally will also lead to severe consequences. You need to be very careful while planting the cannabis plants indoors because a slight mistake can affect their quality and flavor.

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The essential system for growing marijuana

After you have decided to grow marijuana indoors, you need to have various important systems. It is directly linked with the quality and growth of cannabis. The plants need proper temperature, climate, humidity, proper watering for producing better quality. After their growth, you need to take care of the harvesting of cannabis. Growing marijuana indoors requires less time to trim the leaves as compared to the outdoor process. However, you still need to protect the plants from pests and insects that can damage the plants heavily.

You need to plan everything, design the area that can fulfill the requirements efficiently. Then you can reduce the risks to a certain level and efficiently grow the plants in an indoor environment. These are the important systems that you require while designing your indoor garden for a cannabis cultivation.

  • Electrical: Growing marijuana indoors needs a constant and huge amount of power supply. You will require various types of lighting according to the needs and types of plants. Some efficient lighting systems are HID, Fluorescent, Induction lights, and many more. Other than lights, you will require ventilation systems such as fans to provide the plants appropriate air.
  • Control: Indoor growing of cannabis requires proper control of various factors such as temperature, ventilation, and many others. Controlling the environment is necessary as it has a direct effect on the plants when you are growing marijuana at home. Important factors that you can control are the temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting, etc. The plant should be grown in a controlled and appropriate environment for better quality.
  • Water: Adequate water supply is the foremost thing for growing weed indoors. It keeps the plants healthy and nutritious. The plants should not be given excessive water or less. The seedlings require less water than the grown ones. You should first until the soil gets dried out before watering again.

Find the best place to grow marijuana indoor

The environment is the main factor that can have positive and negative effects as well. Before growing cannabis indoors, you need to find a suitable place for the plants. Then, the plants will grow healthy and of better quality. It will require particular temperature, ventilation, and other factors. These are some tips to ensure that the plants grow in a proper indoor environment.

Grow cannabis indoors with LED lights

  • Free from Pests and insects: Growing marijuana indoors already attracts pests and various insects which degrades the quality of the soil and the plants. So remember to check the place or design so that you can easily get rid of them.
  • Protection from theft: Growing marijuana reduces the risks of theft easily. As you know, quality weeds require time, energy, and lots of passion. And this can go all in vain if you are not able to protect the plants. So choose the right neighborhood.
  • Grow marijuana in the lesser-used area of your home: If you have all the above settings, you can now grow marijuana in your basement, your closet, or even at a garage. Or if you don't even have all these, you can also grow them in a box which is super easy.

Regulating temperature and humidity for cannabis plants

Maintaining the temperature is a crucial step that is important at every stage of growing marijuana indoors. From seeding to germination and finally growing into a healthy plant, temperature plays an important role. Here is the temperature range for various stages for growing cannabis indoors.

The perfect temperature and humidity for cannabis plants

During seedling stage

When you are sowing the seeds into the soil, it is important to keep the seeds warm and moist. Hence, the average temperature should be around  73 ºF (23 ºC) . Warm temperature activates their growing process.

Humidity is equally important for growing marijuana at home. When putting the seed into the soil, the correct humidity is around 70% with adequate lighting. After the plants have grown to an adequate stage, they require around 40% humidity for vegetation.

During flowering

When the plants grow and reach the stage of flowering, the ideal temperature should be around 70 ºF to 80ºF (21 to 27 ºC). This stage requires around two months for growing marijuana in your home. Hence, control the temperature accordingly when the plant is growing.

Along with the temperature, the control of humidity is also necessary. For accurate measurement of humidity, you can also use a hydrometer. Humidity is very important for any plant, especially when growing cannabis in your private space. Don't leave the plants in extreme climatic conditions. When the plants reach the stage of flowering, the humidity should be around 40%.

Air, water, and sunlight are the main sources of the energy in plants. The same is required for growing marijuana indoors. It will not be possible to provide direct sunlight to the cannabis indoors. Also, poor lighting can affect the quality and growth of cannabis. With better temperature and humidity, the plants also require the perfect amount of lighting and darkness for a specific duration.

Choose a good light for growing marijuana

Growing marijuana in private space requires a good amount of lighting for a significant time. It promotes the growth of the plants and enhances their quality. Remember that the artificial lights also emit significant heat, so adjust the overall temperature accordingly.

How many hours of light are adequate? 

For growing cannabis, it is essential to provide around 16 hours of light to the plants at the time of seedling. Gradually when they grow up, they will require 18 hours of lighting in a day. Remember not to provide excessive lighting, as artificial lights can also burn the leaves.

Is darkness also required for growing marijuana indoors? 

Just as the lighting is important, the plants also need to rest. Darkness is equally essential for the plants and the flavors remain intact in the leaves. The lights should be kept off for about 6 hours every day during the time of seedling. Then, you can reduce it up to 4 hours a day as they grow up.

The different types of light for growing weed indoor

The cannabis plants require different types of lighting in different amounts at various stages. It is one growth factor that you can easily control while growing marijuana indoors. Different types of lights produce different types of effects to your marijuana. It is important to buy efficient lighting that doesn't leak or emit any kind of light when you leave your plants in the dark.

Also, use energy efficient lights so it doesn't put pressure on your monthly budget. Here is the list of some popular and efficient lighting for growing marijuana.

3 Different types of light for growing weed indoor

  • Fluorescent Lights: These kinds of lights are usually cheap and easy for setting up. They are available in various forms such as bulbs, tube lights, and many more. It is mainly used for growing weed indoors in a relatively smaller amount.
  • HID Lights: It is an abbreviation of "High-Intensity Discharge." It is one of the coherent options for lighting. It is cost-effective and easy to handle. However, it requires other equipment for operation. Hence, it can increase the overall cost in the end. There are two types of HID lights- HPS or "High-Pressure Sodium" and the other one is MH or "Metal Halide."
  • LED lights: It is also a very good lighting option for growing cannabis indoors. They emit adequate lighting with low heat and can be used at different growing stages of plants. However, they are costly as compared to the other lighting options.
  • Induction Lights: These types of lights emit bright light with less heat such as LEDs. They produce UV rays that lead to the increase of RHC content in cannabis. Induction lights are effective when the plants reach the vegetative level.


Odor control for your indoor marijuana growing

When growing marijuana indoors, it becomes very difficult to control its odor. The plants have a very strong aroma and can make the whole area extremely unbearable. Not only your indoor room, can the smell reach outside to your neighbor's house. If you don’t take care of this thing and take action on time, it may face severe charges.

1. Begin your preparation even before planting

It can lead to severe hazards and your neighbors can complain about you for the irresistible smell. So, for controlling the odor when growing cannabis indoors, you should start the necessary preparation beforehand. It will also help your work in a hectic condition without disturbance.

2. Set up a fan for extraction of the smell

Make sure that the place in which you are growing cannabis indoors doesn’t have any leakage point. After that, choose an appropriate place for putting the fan that can throw out the smell in no time. In this way, you get rid of the odor when growing marijuana at home.

3. Use anti-odor products

There are various products such as air fresheners or gels that can absorb the odor and spread a nice smell. You can use these products regularly to prevent the odor of the smell from distracting you and your neighbors as well.

These are some items that can help you get rid of the smell for a temporary period. You can use professional and effective products that you can install in your room. Products such as ozone generators, carbon filters, or air filtration products help to eliminate the smell effectively. The filters can be used for around two years which largely depends upon their usage. Along with that, the filters do not have any negative impact on the environment as it is eco-friendly.

Caring for your indoor cannabis plants

If you are a beginner and ready for growing indoors, there are other facts that you should know other than the lighting, temperature, watering, and humidity. First, you will need to make some investments. One of the most important things for growing marijuana indoors is the soil.

The soil should be efficient and capable of providing those efficient nutrients to the marijuana plants. Nowadays, many weed cultivators use other products instead of the soil. They are cheap as compared to the soil and you can effectively take care of the plants.

But, if you are a beginner, first try growing cannabis indoors in soil. It also contains nutrients and microorganisms which will enhance the quality of the weeds. However, it can be a great hassle to handle the plants and also attracts pests.

A man growing cannabis at home

What are the replacements of soil?

Various items are already available for plant growers that are replacing the use of soil and effectively doing cultivation. Some of the popular choices of soil for growing marijuana in home are:

  • Coco Coir: It is obtained from coconuts and it is an eco-friendly alternative as well. The pH balance of the Coco Coir is also balanced which is effective for growing marijuana indoors. You can add to the soil to improve the growth of the weed.
  • Rockwool: It is basically mineral wool that is obtained from the fibers of rock. It can hold water efficiently for a longer period of time and a great alternative for replacing soil.

Important tips for growing marijuana indoors

  1. Topping: It is very necessary to do the topping of the weeds when they reach the vegetative level. It helps to balance the growth from its main stalk to other parts. You should cut the top nodes of the plant for this process.
  2. Additional nutrients: You can add the required nutrients to plants when growing weed indoors. Visit a local store for plant products and buy them for your weed. Just add them to the top of the soil and mix them thoroughly.
  3. Select best quality seeds: Whether you designed your indoor garden with appropriate equipment or not, the main factor is the genes. Thus, always choose the best quality seeds for the best outcomes.
  4. Time management: You should always keep an eye on the plants when growing weed in your house. If you are growing plants in a small amount, you don't need to worry about this. But if you have the proper license and grow weed in huge amounts, you need to take the utmost care of its growth, flowering, and buds.

Marijuana is consumed for various purposes such as medicinal drugs, pleasure and others. But, it also has side effects that depend upon the health and metabolism of an individual. Some of the common side effects of Marijuana are dizziness, lower levels of blood pressure, increasing heart rate, improper digestion, etc.

It is also largely consumed by minor individuals illegally. In the past few years, there has been a significant rise of consumption of marijuana among teenagers. If it is consumed for pleasure. You should have all the legal documents and the purpose should be clear. Procuring right seeds and providing proper care while growing marijuana indoors is necessary. If you are not following the rules and regulations, it can be harmful.

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