Can I grow marijuana in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire legalizes the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Hence, growing or using marijuana for recreational uses is not allowed. You are permitted to possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana for medical uses. A bill was passed in 2020 permitting caretakers and medical patients to home grow marijuana in New Hampshire. However, this bill has vegetated. Selling marijuana for reasons other than medical uses is illegal in New Hampshire.

The Legalization of marijuana in New Hampshire

Numerous laws were drafted to validate the growing and consumption of marijuana in New Hampshire. A bill that permitted people over the age of 21 to grow up to six marijuana plants and own up to ¾ ounce, anticipates a vote in the Senate House. Hence, the home cultivation of marijuana is still not legal in New Hampshire.

Penalty for marijuana possession in New Hampshire

The use of marijuana for medical purposes only permits up to two ounces. Moreover, medical marijuana has to be bought from a licensed dispensary. Till the year 2017, owning up to ¾ ounce of marijuana was tolerated. The lawbreakers only paid a fine of $100. But the amount of marijuana when more than ¾ ounce will lead to offense imprisonment of up to one year and a fine of $350.

The fine for selling and cultivating will be evaluated based on the amount of marijuana. For instance, the felony of sale or growing marijuana can lead to a maximum of 20 years in jail and penalties up to $300,000.

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Concerning the recreational marijuana in New Hampshire

Recreational use of marijuana is illegal in New Hampshire. However, the conviction for owning a small amount (up to ¾ ounce) of personal use of marijuana for the first time is decriminalized. This situation is often handled like a minor criminal offense.

People older than the age of 18, when convicted for possession of marijuana (less than ¾ ounce) for recreation will be fined. The penalty is around $100 and there is no prison time for this. However, committing this felony more than twice may lead to increased fines, as long as the amount of marijuana is little.

Concerning the medical marijuana in New Hampshire

Medical patients can own up to two ounces of marijuana, given their ailment qualifies for the same. Physicians prescribe the use of marijuana to treat certain diseases. Only patients suffering from such diseases and prescribed by the doctor can qualify for medical use of marijuana. Moreover, bills that permit medical marijuana use for insomnia and opioid are still awaited.

Where can you consume medical marijuana in New Hampshire?

An authorized patient can use marijuana only in private properties, with written consent from the owner or tenant. Most tenants permit only the use of medical marijuana through ingestion or vaporization. This is because some property policies do not allow smoking on the premises.

Felony charges for misuse of medical marijuana

You will be arrested if found under the effect of marijuana in the following instances:

  • Driving a vehicle, be it a car, boat, or anything
  • In the workplace, without the employer's authorization
  • Controlling heavy machinery or other hazardous devices
  • Smoking/vaporizing marijuana in public places
  • Smoking/vaporizing marijuana in public transport

    Likewise, possessing marijuana under any of the following circumstances shall lead to prosecution:

    • Medical patients carrying for non-therapeutic uses
    • Possessing marijuana in drug-free areas such as schools
    • Carrying marijuana in public recreational centers
    • Carrying marijuana in law enforcement provisions

      How many plants can I grow  in New Hampshire ?

      It is illegal to home grow marijuana in New Hampshire. Doing so can result in imprisonment or a penalty depending on the amount of the plants.  A bill was announced in 2020, which would have permitted growing marijuana at home. However, this bill was stagnated. Moreover, there is another bill that has to be passed yet.

      What are the limitations to home grow marijuana in New Hampshire?

      The potential law would permit caretakers of patients above 21 years of age to home grow marijuana in New Hampshire. They can possess up to 8 ounces of usable marijuana and any amount of unusable cannabis. Regarding cultivating marijuana at home, these caretakers can grow up to six plants, three mature and three immature ones. Additionally, they could grow 12 seedlings of the plant. This bill permits caretakers to grow marijuana in New Hampshire for only one patient at a time. However, even so, the property owners or tenants have the right to prohibit them from growing marijuana.

      Where can you grow marijuana in New Hampshire?

      The House approved the bill that allows residents to grow marijuana in New Hampshire in 2021. According to this bill, commercial cultivation or sale of marijuana is still prohibited in the state. However, adults over the age of 21 can grow a restricted number of plants in their homes. Out of this, they can distribute up to ¾ ounce of marijuana to other adults.

      Can you grow marijuana at home in New Hampshire?

      The potential law mostly resembles the Vermont cannabis law, which legalizes the limited possession and growing of marijuana but prohibits the sale of it. The bill was shelved in a Senate committee. Hence, as of now, there is no legal place to grow marijuana in New Hampshire. However, lawmakers in New Hampshire are strategizing to prevent the Senate from refusing the marijuana legalization bill in 2022. If the Senate does so again, they have decided to leave the decision to the voters in the House.

      Can I sell my own cannabis in New Hampshire?

      As of 2021, the New Hampshire state does not permit the commercial production, sale, or distribution of marijuana. Qualifying patients can only buy marijuana for medical uses from their designated centers. However, a bill may be passed, which permits patients to purchase their medical marijuana from any dispensary in the state.

      Do you need a marijuana card in New Hampshire?

      Yes. To legally use marijuana for medical purposes you must be a qualifying patient. Additionally, you must possess a medical marijuana card for the same. Any resident of the New Hampshire state can apply for a Registry Identification Card. For doing so, you must submit the following documents through mail:

      • The application form
      • Certification from your doctor
      • Identity proof copy such as driving license or State ID
      • Residence proof copy
      • Money order or check for $50

        What is the validity of a marijuana card?

        The medical marijuana cards are valid for one year. The Registry ID cards must be renewed every year. You can do so by applying, with a new certification and $50. Moreover, this application must be submitted at least one month before the expiration.


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