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Grow light timer: All about it and the benefits for Cannabis plantations

Expert growers know all the issues that indoor crops understand and require. It is important to create a favorable environment for plants, where they can count on the resources they naturally need for their growth. One of the most important is artificial lighting. And we know that doing a manual job of turning the lights on and off can be a waste of time. The solution to this is offered by a grow light timer.

These devices are technological equipment that have reached the world of growers to generate greater comfort and coordination in terms of the lighting schedules that plants need. Especially when the crops are cannabis, it is really important to control the lighting and dark schedules, in order to achieve a good flowering and keep the plants healthy during all their stages of growth.

A grow light timer will help to facilitate, without a doubt, the lighting process of your crop, helping you to shorten processes, save electricity and obtain better results in terms of your production. If you want to know a little more about them, we invite you to continue reading the information that we will expose below.

Fundamental characteristics of a grow light timer

In principle, for those who do not know, a grow light timer is an electronic device designed to fulfill the function of controlling lighting in both domestic and commercial crops, that is, both small and large.

Some are controlled manually and others on a scheduled basis. The latest technology have the function of programming, with the intention of maintaining greater control within the lighting schedules of the crops and in fact are the most recommended to save electricity, time and also obtain better results.

Existing lights typically have their on/off switches. In that case, the grow light timer can be installed as a replacement for those switches or simply on top of them. Its operation in the lighting control can last between two to seven days, depending on the type of device you acquire.

A grow light timer is composed of an electrical circuit that allows the configuration of the hours of turning on and off the lights. Some types of devices allow multiple or single power outlets. They come with watches included to adjust those hours and can be mechanical or digital depending on the brand.


Types of grow light timer

We have said that devices can contain mechanical or digital watches, but beyond that, we can also classify them by the characteristic of being or not programmable. In that sense, the types of grow light timer that you can find in the market, are the following:


An automatic grow light timer has the possibility of lighting configuration according to your type of crop. With it you can ensure the lighting levels and the hours of each of them that will then automatically vary according to this configuration.

They usually have LED or LCD screens, internal batteries and automatic climate change switches depending on the season in which you are (summer / winter).


This type of device guarantees programming in up to 50 ways, which it stores in its memory. It has a range of settings of on, off and arrangement of lighting levels at certain times.

If you like, you can also take advantage of the fact that they have a random configuration regarding the lighting levels. Its disadvantage is that its programming is more complex.

Wireless and smart

They are called in this way, thanks to the fact that they have the particularity of being managed or configured remotely, supported by software from other digital devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Thanks to its intelligent technology, the configuration is done through pairing via bluetooth or voice control.


They are digital because they have screens that have that feature. That is its only and main difference from mechanical programmables. They are generally easy to install.



These are also smart devices, because they are able to identify when night falls or it becomes daytime and adjust the lighting level to the available natural light.

Thanks to this adaptability, the moment there is daylight, the lights are automatically adjusted to a lower level that will not result in excess light for the plants.


If your crop is commercial and requires elegant and discreet elements, this type of grow light timer is ideal for you. Well, they are compact in size and also have the ability to be managed or configured remotely through smart devices.

What to take into account at the time of purchase?

If your cultivation is Cannabis, you should take more into account these characteristics that we will mention below and that are essential to have your device. Likewise, if your crop has other types of plants, evaluate that you have them, as they are the characteristics that define the most optimal and effective equipment.


No matter exactly what your type of crop is, having a functional grow light timer will allow you to get better flowering and overall growth results.

For example, if your plants are in different stages of growth, you will need to have a device that is capable of emitting light levels according to each type of plant and its current growth stage.

However, there is also the possibility of buying several timers and locating each one in the area you want, programming to the particular characteristics of the plants you have there.


When we talk about interface we refer to the kindness with which the system is presented to us, allowing us to understand and configure it in the simplest possible way. Therefore, we recommend those with AN LCD screen and that include simple programming programs, clearly identified.

Some grow light timers have additional outputs in which fans, heaters, humidifiers can be connected and also adjusted to on and off as desired or necessary for your plants.

Costs and budget availability

At this point, we must weigh the issues of cost vs quality. There is no point in acquiring a timer at low cost, which will have a short life and will not regulate light levels properly.

We know that there is currently a wide range of timers to choose the one you want and that the costs are really affordable. Likewise, let's remember that the important thing is to acquire quality equipment, which is effective, easy to handle and totally efficient.

Recommended brands

In the market there are different brands and types of grow light timer. We leave you here four of the most recognized and leave the choice to your consideration.

Remember to evaluate the characteristics of your crop, its space, time and the savings you want to achieve.

Canagrow 120w used Tractor

This device meets all the requirements for the cultivation of Cannabis. In addition, its interface is very friendly, easy to use and has two outputs for connecting two lights.

Its screen is digital LCD and clearly shows the respective data (time, day, status). It also has the possibility of storing up to 20 different programs that allow you to customize the lighting schedules.



This is an infinite cycle timer that is multifunctional. It allows the option to observe on your screen, the current time, the scheduled power on time and also the off time. Its programming is quite simple and is characterized as multifunctional, because it is possible to configure 3 more groups of timers, at the same time.


This grow light timer has the particularity of being a mixed connection rule. You can connect other items from the greenhouse, such as humidifiers, fans, heaters, among others.

It has a 7-day schedule in which you can easily synchronize all the growth lights and 8 outputs for connection (4 programmable and 4 always on). To program it, you can do it through its LCD screen.

Vivosun Timer

Vivosun is a programmable timer that allows configuration for seven days and also the possibility of connecting two different types of lights, with the intention of programming each one at the disposal of the schedules that the plants need, according to the stage in which they are.

Its interface is comfortable, allows easy reading and has 8 programs for configuration.

Compatibility with LED lights

The best feature of a grow light timer is that it is fully compatible with LED lights. Which, as we know, are the cutting-edge technology for today's plantations, thanks to many features that allow plant growth to be much safer and more efficient.

In addition, as we have mentioned throughout the article, we realize that most brands handle the possibility of programmable timers that can provide and level the lighting for up to seven days.

Especially when we manage Cannabis crops, we know the importance of maintaining the lighting periods at the correct times because, depending on the growth stage in which the plant is, these hours vary and, in addition, also the colors that need to be intensified or decreased.

Remember that at the time you are going to make the purchase of a grow light timer, you must take into account the characteristics of its functionality, interface and finally the costs, while also taking into account that the type of crop and its size are also important, especially in terms of the number of timers you need or if,  on the contrary, with a multifunctional and multi-exit, it is enough.

If you require more information and advice regarding lighting and indoor crops, do not hesitate at any time to enter our blog and take a look at the articles we have published regarding different areas of your interest and knowledge.

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