Can I grow marijuana in California?

Yes, you can grow marijuana in California for recreational or medical purpose. With the new rules and regulations from July 1, 2021 in California, you are now allowed to grow up to 6 plants in a single household. The minimum age to grow marijuana is 21 years old and above. People in California can carry up to one ounce of marijuana. It is also allowed to buy and sell seeds in California.

Marijuana has been legalized by several states in America. It is consumed for medical and recreational purposes. Some of its benefits are that it decreases anxiety, improves lung health, reduces nausea and pain from chemo for cancer patients, soothes tremors from Parkinson’s disease, etc. In addition, to these, there are many more benefits which is why states like California, Virginia, Alaska, and many more allow its usage. This is, however, limited to certain restrictions that each of the states has to follow.

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Any restrictions to consume and grow marijuana in California?

Although, it is legal to consume and grow marijuana in California. There are some rules and regulations that you need to adhere to do that:

  • You should be 21 years or older to grow, purchase or use recreational marijuana. This includes eating marijuana-infused products, vaping, and smoking.
  • You can possess about an ounce of marijuana plant material or concentrated marijuana.
  • It is illegal to sell retail or give marijuana to a minor. And to drive under the influence of it.
  • It is illegal to consume marijuana in places where smoking is illegal. This includes places of employment, buildings that are open to the public, and restaurants including bars. Also consuming it on federal lands like National parks, San Francisco Bay area like Ocean Beach, the Marin Headlands, Alcatraz Island, and the Presidio are illegal as well.
  • It is illegal to take it across states even if the state you are traveling to has legalized marijuana.

Legalization of cannabis and other marijuana products in California

Marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical uses in California. Proposition 64 which legalized adult use of marijuana prevents locals from actively breaking the law by adults for possessing and cultivating weed themselves. However, some countries and cities have banned all or small cannabis businesses.

Concerning the recreational

Voters passed the adult use of marijuana act or preposition 64 on November 8, 2016. It has established the cultivation taxes and sales and legalized the consumption, growth, possession, and sale of marijuana. That is for adults of 21 years and older for non-medical purposes such as recreation.

Concerning the medical

Growing marijuana in California has been legalized for quite some time. It has been legal since Proposition 215 and the compassionate use act that was passed in 1996. It was the first to lead the country in legalizing medicinal marijuana. It allowed caregivers and patients to cultivate and possess marijuana for medical use. However, you will be eligible for the use of it only when your physician recommends it to help you manage medical conditions like:

  • Anorexia
  • AIDS
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Migraine
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures etc.

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How many plants I can grow in California?

Growing marijuana in California is legal as long as it is up to six plants irrespective of their stages in the growing process. California does not allow adults to have additional plants that aren’t already flowering as many other states do. There is no such thing as a cultivation license under California law. Any patient with a physician’s recommendation in California can legally possess or cultivate marijuana as much as they need for their medical use. This is as long as it is up to six plants.

Where you can grow marijuana in California

You can grow marijuana in California only where you live at. Also, it should not be seen that is it should be hidden from the public eye. In addition, cities can prohibit outdoor growing but it is legal to grow them indoors. This is only if you possess not more than 6 plants at a time.

Can I sell marijuana in California?

California’s marijuana legalization law states that you can only sell commercial cannabis which is part of the legal cannabis industry. This is only if you have a license to do so. These licenses are issued to marijuana businesses by the new Bureau of marijuana or cannabis control. If you do not have a license then selling or transporting marijuana to sell it is a crime under California Health and Safety Code. The law is intended to prohibit the black market in cannabis. Transporting marijuana without an intention to sell it or giving it as a gift which is not more than 28.5 grams or one ounce is not a crime for adults. There are many local cannabis businesses in California and offer delivery and pick-up services.

Do you need a Marijuana Card in California?

No, you do not need a medical marijuana card for growing marijuana in California.Earlier, the card was useful to protect growers from arrest. And caregivers and patients could register for a card with the state and show it in the event of possible arrest to the police.

Although some areas in California changed the rules and made marijuana illegal to grow or limit collective growth. But it is considered okay to grow if a doctor says so. However, if you have been discovered with any of the mentioned diseases in this article, the doctor might recommend you to get a card. This is because without a card you will not be able to purchase any product from dispensaries. With the help of a marijuana card, patients can buy more potent products at dispensaries. Therefore, it is helpful for patients who heavily rely on marijuana for pain relief.

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Can I grow marijuana in California?

YES, you can grow marijuana for medical and recreational purposes 🌿

last update : August 1, 2021