Can I grow marijuana in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is one of the many states where the recreational use of marijuana is prohibited. However, using marijuana for medical purposes is permitted in the state. Qualifying patients need to have a medical marijuana license to use marijuana. They can also grow marijuana in Oklahoma for medical uses, given they are out of sight for other people. Without a medical marijuana license, you can possess up to 1 and a half ounces of marijuana.

Everything you need to know about growing marijuana in Oklahoma

What are the restrictions for growing medical marijuana in Oklahoma?

A patient with a medical marijuana license can grow up to 6 mature cannabis plants and 6 seedlings for medical use. At once, a caregiver can grow marijuana on behalf of up to 5 patients. Medical marijuana should be grown in such a way that it is not accessible to other people. The cannabis plants should not be visible from nearby streets.

Rules for possession of marijuana in Oklahoma

Possessing more than 1.5 ounces of cannabis or marijuana without a medical license may lead to misdemeanor charges. The penalty may be a fine of about $400, without imprisonment. Moreover, if you do not suffer any medical conditions that require marijuana treatment, the penalty is much worse.

What are the felony charges for medical marijuana misuse?

Also, the consumption of marijuana for medical purposes is only permitted at home or in private spaces. Consuming or carrying marijuana in public places is strictly prohibited. Moreover, it is illegal for a person to drive when under the influence of marijuana. But you can carry marijuana in your car, given you have a medical license and it is placed far away from the driver’s reach.

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Concerning the recreational marijuana in Oklahoma

It is illegal to grow marijuana in Oklahoma for recreational adult use. Only those with a medical marijuana license can use marijuana, strictly only for medical purposes. However, owning less than 1.5 ounces of marijuana without a license is often decriminalized in Oklahoma. If you possess more than 1.5 ounces of marijuana, is considered a misdemeanor. You may be inflicted a fine of $400, but no imprisonment.

Concerning the medical in Oklahoma

You can home grow marijuana in Oklahoma only if you have a medical marijuana license. Caregivers can grow cannabis plants on behalf of patients. However, caregivers can only do so for a maximum of 5 patients. You can only consume medical marijuana in private spaces.

The medical marijuana that is grown at home should be inaccessible to the public and non-qualifying patients. The marijuana plants grown at any home shall not be visible from nearby streets or houses. You can also purchase medical marijuana from licensed retailers. A sales tax of 7% is applied for every medical marijuana purchase.

How much medical marijuana can you own?

Patients or caregivers who own a medical marijuana license can possess a maximum of 72 ounces of edible marijuana. Conversely, they can only possess 1 ounce in case of concentrated marijuana. You can carry about 8 ounces of marijuana at home, or 3 ounces on you with a proper license. If you do not own a license, it is prohibited to possess marijuana. You may be charged with a felony for doing so.

How many plants can I grow in Oklahoma State ?

Residents of the Oklahoma state should possess a medical marijuana license to grow marijuana at home. Even with the license, there are limitations for the cultivation of marijuana at home. Licensed patients or caregivers can grow up to 6 mature (flowering) cannabis plants and 6 immature (seedling) plants at home. A caregiver may also grow marijuana on behalf of patients. However, all homegrown marijuana should be away from the sight of the public.

Where can you grow marijuana in Oklahoma?

Only people with a medical marijuana license can grow marijuana in Oklahoma. Hence, they are permitted to do so only at their homes. Either the qualifying patients or caregivers can cultivate the cannabis plants in their gardens or pots in homes. Most importantly, the plants must be away from the view of the general public.

Penalties for growing marijuana in prohibited locations

Growing marijuana within 2000 feet of drug-free areas such as schools is a first-degree felony. The penalty is severe in such cases and the fines are very high. Imprisonment may extend up to 10 years or more. Growing weed by a landowner is a severe felony. It calls for imprisonment from 2 years to a life sentence. Also, a fine of up to $50,000 is applicable for the same.

Can I sell marijuana in Oklahoma?

Residents of Oklahoma need to own a marijuana processor or dispensary license to sell or distribute marijuana. With a marijuana processor license, you can produce marijuana for medical use. You can sell marijuana to a dispensary license holder or other marijuana processors.

However, with a marijuana dispensary license, you can sell marijuana for medical use. You can also sell marijuana products, plants, and seedlings. With this license, you can sell them to qualifying patients or caregivers. But you can only sell marijuana for medical purposes, and not for recreational use.

What is the punishment for the distribution of marijuana?

Since you cannot grow marijuana in Oklahoma for recreation, selling or distributing for the same is also prohibited. The sale of fewer than 25 pounds of marijuana calls for more than 2 years in jail. Additionally, a fine of $20,000 may be applied for the same.

Similarly, the sale of 25 to 1000 pounds of marijuana calls for more than 4 years in prison and a fine of $100,000. A sale of more than 1000 pounds of marijuana calls for more than 4 years in jail, and a fine of a whopping $500,000. Likewise, the sale of marijuana to minors and within drug-free areas calls for double imprisonments periods and fines.

Do you need a marijuana card in Oklahoma?

The state of Oklahoma uses a medical marijuana license instead of a marijuana medical card. This license permits a patient or caregiver to buy, sell or consume marijuana for medical use. A medical marijuana license is valid for two years. You need to apply for renewal of the license at least a month before its expiration date.

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Yes, you can grow marijuana only for medical uses 🌿, be careful about the specific conditions

last update : August 1, 2021