Can I grow marijuana in Virginia?

Yes, you can grow marijuana in Virginia for medical and recreational uses. For the past several years, there have been strict regulations on the consumption and growing of Marijuana in Virginia. Now, with the new rules and regulations from July 1, 2021, people are now allowed to grow up to 4 marijuana plants in a single household. The minimum age to grow marijuana is 21 years old and people can carry up to an ounce of marijuana. But it is still not allowed to buy or sell marijuana seeds in Virginia.

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Everything you need to know about growing marijuana in Virginia

Marijuana is helpful to cure some medical problems such as chronic headache and back pain, stress, insomnia, and others. This is one of the major reasons that states like Virginia are allowing to grow and consume marijuana legally. The government has set a target up to 2024 to set up a new rule for the retail purchase and sale of marijuana. 

Are all the restrictions to consume and grow marijuana in Virginia got lifted?

The government has eased up some regulations regarding the growth of marijuana. But, there are still some restrictions which you need to follow. If you get caught and has been found guilty, you have to pay a hefty fine or you may even land up in prison.

Other prevailing restrictions for consuming and growing marijuana

There are still some restrictions remaining to grow marijuana in Virginia. If you fail to follow the rules or go against them, it will be considered illegal. These are the prevailing restriction for consuming and growing marijuana in Virginia.

  • Selling and purchasing of marijuana products and seeds
  • Consuming marijuana while driving any motor vehicles such as school buses, cars, and any commercial vehicle
  • Possessing marijuana on the school ground
  • You should not have marijuana weighing more than an ounce

Opening a public place to consume marijuana

No. it is forbidden to consume marijuana in any public place such as buildings, restaurants, dining areas, hotels, highways, resorts, etc.

The legalization of cannabis and other edibles in Virginia for consumption

The government has made rules regarding the possession, consumption, and growing of marijuana. But, it is still not specified how many edibles or cannabis concentrate a person can possess.

Concerning the recreational purpose 

Virginia is one of the first states in the U.S. that has legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. But, you also need to follow the rules and regulations. According to the new law enacted on July 1, 2021, it is now legal to gift or share one ounce of marijuana among adults.

Concerning the medical purpose

According to the law enacted in 2017, to consume and grow marijuana in Virginia for medicinal purposes, you need to have a doctor's certificate. It is also stated that a patient can only be recommended up to 10 milligrams of marijuana.

Registration is required

If you want to grow marijuana in Virginia, the patients and physicians need to register themselves with the Board of Pharmacy. The doctors are also certified by the Board of Medicine to recommend the consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Also, cultivating marijuana at home is not included in this program.

Marijuana Limitation in Virginia

With the consumption of marijuana and other products, the patients are only allowed to have a 90 day supply. Also, the dose of THC should not exceed more than 10 milligrams.

How many plants I can grow

To grow marijuana in Virginia, you need to have a proper license. If you are 21 years or older, you can grow up to four marijuana plants at home. According to the regulatory board, you can only possess 1 ounce of marijuana.

New rules that are implied to grow marijuana in Virginia

According to the new rules and regulations to grow marijuana in Virginia, you need to be at least 21 years old or above. Also, you are only allowed to grow marijuana in a private residence. It is allowed to grow marijuana in Virginia for recreational and medical purposes. Also, an adult is only allowed to transfer or carry no more than one ounce of marijuana.

Number of plants allowed to grow marijuana in Virginia

If you are 21-year-old, you can consume and grow up to four plants of marijuana in Virginia. Also, while growing marijuana plants, remember that they are not visible to the public eye.

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Where you can grow marijuana in Virginia

You should remember that the plants should not be visible to the public when growing marijuana. Until the retail stores are legalized, it will be difficult to obtain marijuana seeds to grow. They should also have a proper license to grow marijuana in Virginia.

Can I sell marijuana?

The law was enacted, it was illegal to buy or sell marijuana for retail purposes. But you can share marijuana or even gift someone. However, until the year 2024, it is still not possible to buy or sell marijuana from public places or medical dispensaries.

Ordering marijuana online in Virginia

No, you are not allowed to order marijuana online. You could either grow marijuana in Virginia or borrow from someone without making a purchase until now.

Do You Need a Marijuana Card in Virginia?

Yes, it is important to have a marijuana card to grow marijuana in Virginia for medicinal and recreational purposes. You can apply for a medical marijuana card from the government if you are 21 years age or above. Remember to abide by the state laws to grow marijuana, otherwise you will face severe punishments.

It is still a very complex issue to legalize marijuana and set certain laws for consumption and growing marijuana in Virginia. Although by the year 2024, the federal government is expected to take some drastic steps regarding the legalization and growth of marijuana plants.

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Can I grow marijuana in Virginia ?

YES, you can grow marijuana for medical and recreational purposes 🌿

last update : August 1, 2021