Can I grow marijuana in Washington?

Yes, now residents of Washington state over the age of 21 are allowed to grow marijuana for medical and recreational uses. Each adult would be limited to six home-grown plants under House Bill 1019. A maximum of 15 plants might be grown per home, restricting housemates' potential to band together and start a small-scale marijuana farm

Residents of Washington State have long been permitted to brew their own beer or ferment homemade wine in their living rooms. However, if they want to unwind by smoking a joint, they must dress up and purchase one from a shop. Some state senators believe it is past time to allow people to grow their own marijuana at home, more than eight years after Washington voters approved recreational cannabis.

Everything you need to know about growing marijuana in Washington!

Cannabis contains hundreds of chemical components, many of which are cannabinoids. Because of their chemical structure, cannabinoids have been linked to giving relief from chronic pain. As a result, cannabis by-products like medicinal cannabis are frequently utilized to treat chronic pain. One of the most important medicinal advantages of cannabis is its ability to help people fight cancer. Cannabinoids have a lot of evidence that they can help fight cancer or at least some forms of cancer. As a result, states such as Alaska, Colorado, and others have made it legal to grow limited quantities of marijuana at home for medicinal and recreational purposes.

What are the restrictions that persist while growing marijuana in Washington?

Initiative 71 made recreational marijuana legal in D.C. in 2014. Adults over the age of 21 can cultivate up to six cannabis plants at home, but they cannot be sold for profit. Many people can instead "gift" marijuana in exchange for anything else, such as a t-shirt or sunglasses (although officials don't recommend this). A maximum of 12 plants can be cultivated per home with more than one adult. Maximum six plants per grow up with no more than three mature plants.

  • Cannabis cultivation should commence in a completely contained, guarded indoor arena or conservatory with solid walls, a canopy, and doors for indoor producers.
  • Cannabis may be grown in “non-rigid greenhouses, other buildings, or an area of open or clear land completely enclosed by a physical barrier” by outdoor producers.
  • Outside cannabis cultivation must be surrounded by an eight-foot-high “sight obscure” wall or fence.

The overview

  • Have no more than 2 ounces of marijuana per person.
  • Give 1 ounce or less of marijuana to another person who is 21 or older as a free present with no strings attached.
  • Have bongs, rolling papers, and other marijuana accessories that allow you to utilize less than an ounce of marijuana.
  • Use marijuana on private property (smoke, eat, consume, etc.).

Concerning the recreational

Initiative 502 authorized recreational marijuana sales in July 2014. Anyone over the age of 21 can now legally carry marijuana paraphernalia, as well as possess and use marijuana in limited quantities (Sec. 69.50.4013). Anyone 21 or older may legally possess and use:

  • 1 ounce of marijuana flower (Sec. 69.50.360);
  • For inhalation, 7 grams of marijuana concentrate/extract
  • A solid marijuana-infused product weighing 16 ounces.
  • 72 ounces of cannabis liquid product.

Concerning the medical

Within the state of Washington, there's no official therapeutic cannabis card. In arrange to utilize the herb medicinally; you need to have a composed suggestion from your specialist or other healthcare suppliers who are authorized within the state. The composed proposal from your healthcare supplier must be on tamper-proof paper, contain a unique signature, be dated, and prompt that within the healthcare provider’s proficient supposition, you'd advantage from the restorative utilize of the pot.

Qualifying conditions:

  • Cachexia
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Intractable pain
  • Persistent muscle spasms, and/or spasticity
  • Nausea
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Seizures
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Any “terminal or debilitating condition”

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How many plants I can grow

A bill in the state assembly would modify that, allowing individuals 21 and older to cultivate up to six marijuana plants per home, with a total of 15 plants permitted. House Bill 1019, which received bipartisan approval in a legislative committee last month, will be heard by the House.

Where you can grow marijuana

Adult-use cannabis cultivation on private land for personal use is still prohibited. Medical marijuana users, on the other hand, are allowed to grow six plants and have eight ounces of useable marijuana in their homes. Patients may have up to 15 plants or 16 ounces (454 grams) of useable marijuana generated from their plants with the permission of their doctors.

Can I sell?

A most standard answer is that you'll require a Washington State Liquor Control Board license (WSLCB). The WSLCB provides and administers six distinct marijuana-related licenses. The most well-known licenses are for the three stages of the marijuana business that prepare it for the recreational market: growers, manufacturers, and dealers. The WSLCB has just added a Transportation License, a Research License, and a license to form a Medical Marijuana Cooperative to its list of licenses.

Do you need a Marijuana Card?

When the patient satisfies the state's requirements, the doctor will provide a tamper-resistant paper form with a medical marijuana authorization. This is valid for one year for individuals above the age of 18, but only for six months for those under the age of 18. Those under the age of 18 and their parent or legal guardian are required by the state to register their authorization in the state database and get a card, while registration is optional for everyone else.

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Can I grow marijuana in Washington?

YES, you can grow marijuana for medical and recreational purposes 🌿

last update : August 1, 2021