LED Grow Light Calculator - Cost of Electricity to Grow Indoor

The most important thing which is essential for any type of plant is light. It gives the proper nourishment and energy to the plants. When you are opting to grow plants inside your home, it becomes more necessary to provide adequate lighting. Growing plants at home can put pressure on the electricity bill. But this LED grow light calculator helps us determine the final costs based upon different factors.

There are various types of grow lights that are used at different stages of a plant's growth. This is why this calculator takes into account the two important stages: the vegetative and the flowering stage. In order to calculate the energy cost of a complete flowering phase.


Light wattage


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Lighting On vegetative


Hours used per day



Lighting On flowering


Hours used per day


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Total Electricity Cost

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Vegetative Stage
Flowering Stage

Who to use the LED Grow Light Calculator ? This calculator is designed to be simple and intuitive. You only need to enter a few important information :

  • Wattage of light:The voltage of the lamp you are using.
  • Cost of electricity:The cost in cents of the kWH (for example, 23 cents per kilowatt hour). If you don't know the cost of eletricity, you can select your state, which will automatic calculate the cost of the kWH for you.

Once these two costs determined, you just have to enter how many hours per day your light stays on depending on the stage of the plant (vegetative and flowering stage). In our example, if we let the light on for 18 hours for 12 days during vegetative and 16 hours during 48 days on flowering, the calculator will calculate all the variables. Once this is entered, you will get the total cost in dollars of a bloom as well as how long the lamp has been on and how much it has consumed.

Why is important to calculate the cost

Indoor cultivation requires efficient care and energy for proper growth. As the plants are grown in a closed area, it is important to ensure that they receive proper care. It can be done by watering them properly, providing them efficient light and heat. If you are thinking about how much light you will need to consume, LED grow light calculator can help.

The LED grow light calculator will show you how much electricity you will use to grow plants at home. If the estimated costs are more than your budget, you can easily adjust and cut down the consumption of energy. You will be able to know how much light the plants will require.  And how much energy you can save and maintain the overall costs.

You will be able to lessen the burden of electrical costs and also adjust your existing components efficiently. The cannabis plants require around 16 hours of light daily. Hence, you have to make sure that the plants are receiving the proper amount of sunlight on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to evaluate everything properly. Such as the type of vegetation, types of soil, etc. You can also use different types of grow lights at once.

Calculted the Electricity cost of growing Marijuana

Growing plants at home use a lot of electricity?

The consumption of electricity by grow lights depends on various factors. For example, if you are growing cannabis in a small amount, then electricity costs will not be much higher. But, if you are growing plants at a massive level, it can be expensive. Using LED grow light calculators can help you in this situation.

The innovation of technology and competition among manufacturers has made the grow lights more efficient. Hence, the price of grow lights is also appropriate and they don’t use a lot of electricity if used properly. The reasons that the electricity bills surge up are the long hours of usage and many more. Here are some reasons why your electricity bill increase:

  • Use of other electrical components such as fan extinguisher, humidity regulators, etc.
  • Long hours of uses
  • Using grow lights in a huge amount
  • Instability of electric supply
  • Area of the room
  • Many more…

There are various types of grow lights like LED, induction lights, fluorescent lights, and many others. The LED lights are much efficient as compared to other types because of its longevity and low heat radiation. Hence, choosing the correct light according to the need of plants and your preference can highly affect the electrical costs.

Also, the intensity of the light plays a major role in increasing your electricity bill. If the grow lights have weak intensity, plants will not be able to receive proper light. While high intensity can affect the growth as well. The extra light for a long time can burn the plants.

Hence, it is important to regulate the intensity of the lights according to the needs of the plants. The LED grow light calculator shows us how much energy will be required for the plant. You can easily lower your costs, take important steps and save money by using LED grow light calculator. You can follow below tips to improve the efficiency of our grow lights :

  • At the time of planning your structure for cultivation in a room, you need to know where you will set up the lights. You need to understand how much time the plants will require for the lights in a day.
  • You should know the amount of intensity of the lighting. Adjust the wavelengths of lights or every growing stage.
  • Always ensure that the light is reaching every plant and part equally. In this way, you can make the best use of space and lighting in a particular area. The task becomes easier by using LED grow light calculator.
  • During the night-time, the energy costs are much lower as compared to the daytime. It is because, during the daytime, the consumption of energy is more and using extra lights can increase the costs of electricity bills. Hence, if you use grow lights at night, you can save a significant amount of money.

By using LED grow light calculator, you can understand how much light will be essential for a particular part. Thus, you can take adequate steps to minimize the costs without hampering the quality of plants.

Marijuana plant that grows indoor

How to lower your grow room electricity costs

The grow lights do not use massive electricity. However, you might need to do some adjustments to lower your electricity costs by using LED grow light calculator. If you want to know more about the steps to lower the grow room electricity costs, follow below tips:

Use LED lights to increase the efficiency

There are various types of grow lights such as HID, LED, fluorescent, etc. Among them, the LED lights are more efficient. However, LED lights cost more than other types of lights but, it's longevity and efficiency pay off the price. You can use the calculator for determining how much you will save with the LED light for growing plants.

Take care with exhaust fans

Exhaust fans are necessary because they eliminate the odor caused by the plants. It is important to choose those types of fans that require less energy and does the job properly. The fans maintain the ventilation of the plants which is necessary.

Appliances with different adjustments

As the plants grow, they will require different types of lighting, ventilation, temperature, etc. It is very important to evaluate that what type of adjustments you can make. If you use electrical appliances with different types of setting, you can easily lower your grow room electricity costs.

Focus on roots

Focusing on the roots of the plants will massively help to lessen the electricity costs. If you take care of the roots properly, plants will live longer and grow faster. Hence, you need to plan and design your room properly.

Improve the lifespan with a led light

It is an efficient tool to understand the amount of light released from the lights. The online LED grow light calculator is easy and available to determine the emission of light and heat. Thus, you can easily understand and plan accordingly. The LED Lights are much more efficient than the other types of lights, you not only reduce the electrical costs but improve their lifespan.

Place at perfect angle

But, it doesn’t mean that you no longer need to give the attention and care they require. The lights should be placed at certain angle, so it reaches every part of the plant and increases its longevity. To use the lights, you need to keep these things in mind: number of plants, types of plants, adequate height, etc.

Energy saving options

Remember to plan the lighting in such a way that no lighting and space go wasted. Energy-saving lights, HPS lamps, and LED lights are common for growing cannabis indoors. The energy-saving lights or the fluorescent lights are compact and save energy. But, it is not capable to generate much energy for a long time. Hence, you have to use different ranges of fluorescent lights accordingly. That's why we have developed an innovative energy saving mode to improve the electrical efficiency of our LED grow lights.

Wide spectrum of light

The most common artificial lights are the HPS. It has a wide spectrum of light and radiates a lot of heat. Along with that, they don't have a much longer lifespan. Hence, it will also lower the lifespan of cannabis plants.

So, choose the correct type of light according to the intensity of the plant and coverage. As time passes, the lamps and the tubes of the lights begin to lose their power and their edges start to get darker. Hence, it is crucial to install lights with different ranges of power. For covering an area of four plants, you can use a light with 600 Watts with a lumen output of 90,000 of a high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulb. Now you can calculate the amount of energy and type of bulb for growing cannabis inside.

List of different types of lights for saving energy

Various types of plants require different types of lightings. The lights should be able to provide an adequate range of light and warmth as the sunlight. Then, it will be easier for the plants to grow. As is mentioned above, two types of the light spectrum serve different purposes of growth.

Proper lighting is essential for the plants during seedling along with darkness. The lighting should be done properly so that it doesn't leave any kind of space. Every ray of light should reach the cannabis plants effectively. One of the efficient types of light is LED. Read further to know about their functions and how they can be used appropriately for growing cannabis indoors. Here is the list of different types of lights for growing cannabis inside.

List Of Different Types Of Lights For Saving Energy

LED Lights

The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode. Currently, the demand for LED lights has seen a sudden increase in their durability and low heat generation. There are various types of LED lights that have a broad range of light spectrum and emit blue and red light efficiently. However, these lights are costly as compared to other types of lights. But, its long use makes it a worthy product.

HPS Lights

One of the most common types of light is the HPS lights for plantation. This type of light has lumens in various lumens which is sometimes difficult to configure. It has a wide spectrum but they are not very useful. Also, they generate a huge amount of heat so that HPS lights are needed to be kept far away from the plants. However, the new lights have replaced the HPS lights for their efficiency and accuracy.


Fluorescent lights are also one of the great options for growing cannabis inside. Along with that, they have high intensity and a wide light spectrum. These lights also emit less heat and consume less power. However, due to the use of less power, it becomes hard to harvest the plants when they reach the flowering stage.

Final thoughts about LED grow light calculator

Growing plants at home is already an expensive process. With the help of LED grow light calculator, we can easily estimate the cost of electricity. We can simply know how we can cut down the power emission and save our money. The LED grow light calculator shows the final costs of energy consumption by calculating the wattage, total hours of using the light during the vegetative phase, and flowering phase, etc.

Hence, use LED grow light calculator to know what the estimated electricity bill you will receive. Then, you can effectively choose the type of lights, design your cultivation, and cut down the costs.

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